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KLuJe - a KDE LiveJournal client

KLuJe is a client for LiveJournal-based sites such as The latest release is version 0.8 and is available as a .deb, .deb-src, RPM, or in a source tarball. Development code is available via anonymous CVS at Check out module kluje. See the instructions if you need help accessing CVS. Current features include:

  • Posting with optional subject or mood
  • Posting to multiple journals or communities
  • Editing previous entries
  • Systray icon, with menu of quick links
  • Auto polling for friends' posts, w/animated systray icon alert
  • Integrated spell checking
  • MD5 password storage/transmission

Feature matrix for previous release (0.7)

Well, 0.7 was supposed to be just a refactoring/code-cleanup release, but we managed to get a bunch of new features in at the same time. In particular, folks were requesting the ability to mark posts as private or "friends-only", so that's in the current release now.

About boxyes
Save editor visibility state (journal/mood/music editors etc.) on exityes
Private and "friends-only" postingyes
Save window size/location on exityes
Alert dialog when changes are about to be discardedyes
Date editing in "edit past events" dialogyes


The main window

Main window

Preferences dialog


Changing an event in the past

Edit Events

The system tray icon (blue pencil)

System Tray Icon